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Kunichi Photography (Newport, Wales, UK) offers professional photography services covering family photo-shoots, product photography, weddings, Corporate and custom events.

Military Discounts, Deals, Freebies, and Coupons

Current Clients.

If you are an existing client then continue to the client Galleries by clicking on the Client Galleries below. Once you are a client, your photos will be uploaded into our Client Library below and you will be provided a password.  You can then "manage your own photos" by downloading or having them printed and sent to you (Loxley Colour UK) or request I manage your prints and framing locally.If you are friends, family or attendees of an event you wil need to get the password from the organiser; only the client decides who can see their pictures.

If you are friends, family or attendees of an event you will need to get the password from the organiser; only the client decides who can see their pictures.

New Clients.

New clients will be planning their events and working out how to find and employ a photographer - so lets get on that now.  For any photography enquiries or work, please use the link on the left menu (contact me) to email me. I am able to respond within 24hrs (usually same day) and I will then send you telephone numbers and other communication details.

Client Requirements.

Simple photography tasks can be finalised by phone or email but I prefer to meet clients; a meeting enables all task elements to be presented and discussed. A visit to the event location is recommended for more complex photography events. A one page contract and invoice will be sent out to confirm client requirements, costs and any special instructions.

Why pick Kunichi Photography?

We provide a no fuss service at reasonable prices and are agile enough to react to "short notice" tasks. Previous client photographs are shown in the example gallery below.

Photography Costs.

Client Planning Assumptions:

£25/hr for post development or desktop related work. 

£50/hr on site photographer (reduced or waivered if event intends to purchase multiple framed photographs). 

£75/hr for studio work (Newport). 

Expenses of £1 per mile outside a 5 mile radius of Newport for all visits (reduced or waivered depending on total event costs)


2 hrs in studio for a fashion shoot, product photography or family portrait: £150. 

4 hrs at your event 20 miles from Newport, delivering unprocessed digital pictures on a disk: £250. 

6 hr evening event (Dinner night / Balls etc), event photos to organiser and photo booth for personal portraits:

     Option 1:  If member photo requirements are high: £150 retainer + £6-19 per picture to each member).

     Option 2: If member photo requirements are low: £150 retainer + £300 labour

Military Events.

I provide Military Discount and have written a document to guide Mess Committee staff on how to plan for photography costs here.


I can provide for weddings but it is not my main expertise at the moment, I therefore provide some discount in this area.  I have gathered some costings to help you formulate a plan here.


I provide a basic framing service (costs here) but custom frames are made by our friends at Spire Framing, which is a local artisan framing service. There is literally nothing Marshall cannot make in terms of frames.

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